Why use Pneumatics?

03 May 2018

Pneumatic (air filled) tyres have long been a staple with trolley manufacturers and general fabricators alike. Their wide reaching applications and durability have meant they have become increasingly popular. Pneumatic wheels are great in all light duty applications, specifically good outdoors and over uneven ground.

Saying this, there has been an evolution to something known as Foam Filled Pneumatic Wheels. These wheels as the name suggests are filled with a special foam rather than air. The benefits of this development include the following:

  • Impossible to puncture meaning no loss of pressure
  • Removing the air means the wheels can be left stationary for long periods without loss of pressure
  • Flat spots are completely eradicated
  • They can be used in the harshest environments, like building sites which will have nails and sharp objects.
  • Capable of carrying heavier loads than their air filled equivalents
  • Offering cross country or ribbed treads
  • As there is no loss of pressure there will be no tyre cracking meaning the wheels last significantly longer.