The top 9 (because we couldn’t think of 10) things that have been made better by adding wheels

03 Oct 2017

Our Top 9 (because we couldn’t think of 10) things that have been made better by adding wheels.

Here we’re listing our top 9 items improved by adding wheels, items that have dramatically improved our lives by their addition. We could only come up with 9, so if you have one in mind please do let us know, we’d be interested to hear what you think has been made better by wheels!

9.  Hoover/ Vacuum cleaner

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The motorised vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 in England by Hubert Cecil Booth, however it is known as a hoover in the UK and Ireland as this was the brand name of an early innovator of domestic vacuum cleaners.

8.  Garment Rails

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Garment rails have been used for a long time, and many have had wheels added but they were made far more popular when women began to buy off the rail fashion at the beginning of the 20th century. This meant that shops had to stock a large amount of readymade items and wheeled racks were needed to move the stock around.
I know you’re wondering about the reference above, it’s is of Miss Celine “the keeper of the clothes” in the underappreciated TV show Gilmore Girls, which in my opinion is in my top 3 best TV shows ever made, next to Happy Days and Spaced.

7.  Bins

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Wheelie bins have made moving rubbish around much easier, no one wants to get very close to bin juice so putting them on wheels meant we didn’t have to carry them to the end of the garden anymore, and bin men didn’t have to do as much heavy lifting. Invented by Frank Rotherham Mouldings in 1968, they were not made popular until the late 80’s when refuse collection lorries were fitted with an automatic mechanism to empty them.

Don’t put cats in them though, in 2010 we learnt that everyone gets a bit made about that.

6.  Scaffolding

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A modern addition to scaffolding has been wheels and castors allowing our builder friends to use less and wheel it around the building, this has been possible since the development of heavy duty wheels. Now then, we couldn’t find a fun picture of scaffolding, so we thought you’d enjoy this picture of King Kong… because who doesn’t?

5.  Golf Bag

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Now I’m no keen golfer, but word on the greens is that the addition of wheels to the golf bag has made golfing even more leisurely than before.

4.  Chairs

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Wheelie chairs have made the modern office job bearable by making for fun downtime, as demonstrated by the GB rowing team in the above picture. They were designed as the office job became more popular, increasing the productivity of clerical employees by making them able to move around their work station without having to stand up. It is thought that one of the early adopters was Sir Charles Darwin who strapped wheels to his chair legs in order to reach his specimens more easily.

3.  Hospital beds

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Unfortunately this is one of those occassions where I am going to have to explain my hilarious reference… this is a picture from The Monkees TV show opening credits where they roll a bed through the streets… apologies for the quality but it was freaking ages ago! Also I know this isn’t a hospital bed, but I though a picture of that might be a tad depressing and I wanted this article to be an upper!

Wheels are a modern feature to the hospital bed which has made it easier to move patients around the hospital without having to jiggle them too much, this addition to the hospital bed has saved many lives and many medical workers backs over the years.

2.  Wheelie Cases

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Rolling suitcases have made travelling easier for everyone, invented in 1970 by Bernard Sadow, that is; everyone who isn’t travelling to Venice who banned the use of rolling cases in 2014 due to the annoying noise they make.

And yes I know… this picture is amazing.

1.     Shoes

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Once we had shoes, and now we have roller-skates! There are some out there that still have a place for normal old shoes in their lives, but not me, why walk when you can skate!

Did you know that the roller skate was invented in 1760 in London by John Joseph Merlin, this design was actually in line skates, who knew they were first?! It was over a century later that the quad skate was invented in New York in 1863 by James Leonard Plimpton and in 1884 Mr Levant M Richarsdson added ball bearings to the wheel making it both easier and more dangerous at the same time.

Roller-skates are hands down the best thing mankind has ever improved with the addition of a wheel. And here’s a picture of Fred Astaire tap dancing on them from the film Shall We Dance! What a hero.

Disclaimer – These pictures have been used for news purposes, but mainly fun, if anyone is offended by the use of these images then please let us know by emailing and we shall remove them. We do not take credit for the creation of any of these images and have referenced their origin throughout. We also don’t take any responsibility for any of the facts in this article, all have been taken from the deepest darkest corners of the writer’s memory and she’s not the most reliable fact teller, often getting confused between TV show and real life.