Something to ‘Bearing’ Mind.

03 Mar 2018

A bearing is a machine element that keeps a Wheel spinning in the desired motion and also reduces friction between moving parts.


The first modern recorded patent on ball bearings was awarded to Philip Vaughan, an inventor + iron master who created the first design for Bering in 1794!

Bearings bring a wheel to life, as well as the tread and wheel centre, mobility depends on the wheel bearing type. There is no doubt the right choice of bearing influences the performance of a Castor! Three types of bearings are available: Plain bearing, roller bearing and precision ball bearing. The choice of bearing depends on the Castor.

Plain Bore
Plain bores are simple, rugged and are resistant to wear and tear! However they have an unfavourable friction through the centre of the wheel resulting in a relatively high starting and rolling resistance.

Roller Bearings
Roller bearings are robust and durable whilst allowing the wheel to move freely within the castor with a reduced rolling resistance compared to the plain bore.

Ball Bearing
Ball bearings offer the best starting and rolling characteristics due to a low friction coefficient,, suitable for all medium to heavy applications.

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