So, why are Stainless Steel brackets so fantastic?

15 May 2018

Stainless steel brackets were something we were asked about a lot from our customers, and after much deliberation with the team, we decided to add it to our range.

People use stainless steel castors because they are less corrosive and can handle being cleaned often without ever rusting or compromising on their performance. This makes them perfect for food processing and the medical industry, however we also get a lot of enquiries from fabricators which are making applications that will be coming into contact with water, especially sea water, and we have already provided a range to be used on off shore oil rigs. Coupling a stainless steel bracket with an anti-static wheels gives you a very low spark risk which is important when there is a risk of fire.

In our range all of our wheels are available with a stainless steel castor, however we have only added the most popular and likely choices (as anything more would have become a bit difficult to navigate), so get in touch if you want a pairing you can’t find online.  On the website we have listed brackets with a stainless steel axel and plain bore, because again, these are more popular but we do o stainless steel roller bearings and ball bearings upon request.

So that wraps up our little log post on stainless steel brackets, we hope you liked it and as always if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you!