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18 Apr 2018

Here at Revolution we pride ourselves on being not just the best Wheel & Castor Supplier in the UK market but the best Castor Consultants in the business . This means we take the time to go out to each existing customer or new enquiry customer and fully find out what problems they are facing including things like; what material wheels they are currently using? What floors are they using these castors on? What weight capacities are needed? How frequent applications are being used? And so on……………

With this in mind we like to think we have saved the day for many of our now account customers and this gives our customers the confidence to know that their production, supply, quality and maintenance of Wheels & Castors are in the right hands.

Here’s a few examples:

1 – Company & Contact: The Sapa Group, Richard Eaton


The ProblemThe Sapa Group received a new health and safety initiative for all castors used within their UK Sites to have a toegaurd. Now this was fairly straightforward for Revolution as we simply had to look at what Castors they were using and fit them with Toeguard’s. Richard from Sapa’s Derbyshire site however had a different problem. His Application couldn’t fit directly onto new castors as they had solid stems with a coil springs attached.


TickRevolution’s Solution:_We took our time to find solid stems that would now fit to the application and connect to our castors with toegaurds. We machined the solid stems to the right sizes, assembled them to the castors and toegaurds. We saved what would have been a nightmare to replace all applications for Richard and ensured his health and safety initiative was met.
2 – Company & Contact: Stoneworld Ltd, Graham (Workshop Manager)


The Problem: Due to the nature of the business being around heavy granite and the use of water, Graham called us to tell his castors were seizing up and would become unusable. This was causing massive delays in the workshop as the company loads and offloads hundreds of heavy granite pieces each week and needed their trolleys to be reliable.


TickRevolution’s SolutionRevolution sourced a castor that would work no matter how many puddles it went through and no matter what weight needed moving. The castors were also ergonomic meaning less surface area would be touching the ground which actually reduced the force being used by the operative by 26%. Graham, Revolution and the Operatives were all happy……Win Win for all!


3 – Company & Contact: ITV Studios, Ian Stewart


The Problem: Ian came to us with a number of different sized wheels that are all used in what the TV industry call a Fisher Boom. Ian needed replacements of the Fisher Boom Spares in which Ian knew are very hard to get hold as individual pieces.


TickRevolution’s Solution: After searching high and low and everywhere in between, we did manage to locate Ian with his spares but they weren’t cheap at all given there was a budget to adhere too. We did one better by seeing if one of our specialist could re-bond and repair the spares he had and make them as good as new! He sure could………….and for 50% less the price! It was then all systems go and we are still in the process of working on this project! Revolution Castors may of helped the show go on at Coronation Street!



We have helped many companies throughout the course of the year, have encountered many Wheel and Castor problems in all shapes and sizes and have worked nonstop to find the right solution. I’m guessing this is why we have took off like a rocket into space and have built up many solid relationships along the way.

If you have a potential Wheel & Castor problem or think you may need some helpful advice please do not hesitate to give us a call! Our Technical Guys will come out to you for no charge whatsoever…………..How’s that for a service!


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