Polyurethane overtakes old fashion Rubber

06 Feb 2018

The developments in the manufacturing of Polyurethane has made the price difference between PU and rubber negligible. Previously the market accepted that rubber was an inferior tyre material, therefore it was significantly cheaper than PU. Now we are able to offer a hard wearing, injection moulded PU tyre, with Nylon centre, for the same price as the traditional crumb rubber tyre and plastic centre.  This is causing a shift in the market, towards PU.

The benefits of over Rubber

  • Polyurethane tyres is a harder wearing option
  • Non-marking
  • No lumping or splitting
  • Bespoke colours available
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Lower start up co-efficient
  • Can be used with stainless steel housings and applications

We have a full range of PU wheels, ex-stock. Alternatively there is the rubber tyre option. Revolution would encourage customers to try PU initially.

Polyurethane Tyre










Rubber Tyre