Mechanical Handling Made Easy

03 Feb 2018

Mechanical Handling Castors

We are often asked which of our castors are suitable for Mechanical handling applications. What tyre material is best for Mechanical Handling, Polyurethane? Rubber? Elastic Rubber? Also what speeds can the castors be safely towed? Will it affect the carrying capacity? Are the Brackets durable enough? Will I still be able to manually handle the trolley? Would you recommend Bolt Hole or Top Plate Fixing? What wheel centre material would you recommend?

So we have put together a quick Question and Answer Below to try and help clear this up:

What tyre material is best for mechanical handling? Elastic Rubber, which is found on our range of castors and here you could also use a polyurethane tyre. We recommend the use of these tyres are they are durable and forgiving over uneven ground.

What is a safe towing Speed? Any mechanical handling is recommended at no more than 6km/h. However we can offer a special elastic polyurethane tyre which can accommodate speeds up to 16km/h.

Will the towing speed affect the carrying capacity? Towing speeds will have a detrimental effect on the loading capacities of your castor. Higher speeds mean increased vibrations and increased punishment on the brackets. Please call one of our specialists if you are planning on towing your castors and we can calculate the safe working load.

Are the Brackets Durable Enough? If you are towing at 6km/h you will have no problem with a standard bracket. However if speeds of 16km/h are likely we will offer a more durable bracket using a taper and thrust bearing with a much thicker gage of steel.

Will I still be able to use the trolley in manual handling applications? Absolutely, no problem at all. All our mechanical handling wheels will come complete with ball bearing centres meaning very low rolling resistance. We can also offer round profile tyres which improve manoeuvrability.

Should I use bolt hole or top plate fixing? We would always recommend a top plate fixing for mechanical handling as this is the most secure and robust way to attach any castor to your product.

What wheel centre is most suitable for mechanical handling? We would always recommend using an aluminium centre on the wheels used within your castor. Aluminium is Robust, reliable and performs well in outdoor environments.