Introducing our new Heat Stable Castors!

15 Jun 2018

We’ve decided to add heat stable (also known as high temperature or “high temps”) because we have had many requests for them over the last few months, and so we thought putting them on the website would make them much more accessible to you all!

The ones we have decided to add are the ones that are ordered from us the most often.  They are made of a heat resistant synthetic material and have a temperature range of -30°C to 250°C (300°C intermittently).  They are perfect for many different industries, though we have had the vast majority of our orders from bakeries for bakery rack castors.

As you probably know by now, we only list our most popular items on our website, this means that if this high temp wheel is not right for you, you can give us a call as we have many solutions that may be more suitable, for instance we also stock castors made out of cast iron, silicone rubber, or even technopolymer!

All of our heat stable castors come in a range of sizes from 80 – 200mm wheel diameter and include a plain bore or glacier bushes.

You can also pair any of our castors on our site with stainless steel brackets.