Do Brackets Really Matter….????

07 Sep 2018

The ‘Brackets’ are Off!! The tale of the tape on ‘Castor Brackets’ from the Lightweights to the Heavyweights!

Do Brackets Really Matter?? Here at Revolution Castors we think Brackets are a little overlooked and don’t get the respect they deserve as the focus on a castor is usually directed to the wheel type. Well we think Brackets are similar to Boxers….they need to be STRONG, DURABLE, have good SWIVEL ACTION, EXCELLENT MANOEUVRABILITY and be able to take a PUNCH or a WEIGHT in this case scenario.


Here’s Revolution Castors very own………Tale Of The Tape!

LIGHT DUTY SL – The Prince NaseemPrince Naseem - Light Duty
Carrying Capacity: 130kg
Diameters: 80-125mm
Fitting: Top Plate / Bolt Hole
Brake: Front

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Used on your lightweight applications, The SL is made up of a galvanised steel plate where the swivel action is composed of two roller ball race rings. The bracket assembly is made by means of cold forming the pin integrated in the lower ring guaranteeing good manoeuvrability and reduced side play. A Real bobber and weaver in the industry.

STANDARD DUTY NL-NLX – The Hitman HattonThe Hitman Hatton - Standard Duty
Carrying Capacity: 400kg
Diameters: 65-280mm
Fitting: Top Plate / Bolt Hole
with Threaded Stem & Zamak Stem
Brake: Front

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Both the galvanised steel and stainless steel in these series guarantee a long duration and a reduced request for maintenance in a normal conditions use. Excellent swivel is guaranteed by two ball race rings and is commonly used within the industry.

MEDIUM DUTY M – The Sugar RaySugar Ray - Medium Duty
Carrying Capacity: 500kg
Diameters: 150-200mm
Fitting: Top Plate
Brake: adjustable front

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Another common competitor within the industry, similar features to the NLX range although the steel plate is increased for that extra 100kg carrying capacity.

HEAVY DUTY P-PX – The Greatest Muhammad Ali - Heavy Duty
Carrying Capacity: 750kg
Diameters: 80-250mm
Fitting: Top Plate
Brake: adjustable front and rear

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With a bracket made of thick pressed steel, excellent swivel guaranteed by two ball race rings this range is assembled with its own rope a dope highly mechanical resistant screw and locknut anti-loosening system. The highly resistant to corrode galvanised steel or the stainless steel option both guarantee a long duration and reduced request for maintenance.

EXTRA HEAVY DUTY EP – The Iron Mike Mike Tyson - Extra Heavy Duty
Carrying Capacity: 1600kg
Diameters: 100-250mm
Fitting: Top Plate
Brake: adjustable rear

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With an extremely impressive carrying capacity this heavyweight is made with forged steel and thick pressed steel in the forks. Very low maintenance and long duration or stamina thanks to the use of purposely shaped dust seals, self lubrication and highly resistant galvanising. A serious contender amongst brackets and one that amongst Castor brands is number 1!

ELECTROWELDED EE HD –EE EHD – The Incredible  Hulk - Electrowelded
Carrying Capacity: 3500kg
Diameters: 150-400mm
Fitting: Top Plate
Brake: adjustable rear

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Capable of running applications that can destroy buildings and survive wars this truly is the monster of Castor Brackets and comes in a Twin Electrowelded version that has ridiculous carrying capacity of 4300KG. Ideal for mechanised towing at high speeds , excellent manoeuvrability at full load and increased side impact resistance of the bracket.