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Castor Jargon Made Easy

20th November 2018

Castor Jargon Made Easy The castor industry has lots of terminologies when it comes to castor wheels. We're hoping the below will help everyone to understand the terminology. Brake – The brake is an integral part to a castor whic...

Our Promise to You...

13th November 2018

Our Promise to You... At Revolution Castors we believe all customers should receive the best service possible. With this in mind below are a few promises we make to all our customers.

Do Brackets Really Matter….????

7th September 2018

The ‘Brackets’ are Off!! The tale of the tape on ‘Castor Brackets’ from the Lightweights to the Heavyweights! Do Brackets Really Matter?? Here at Revolution Castors we think B...

What’s the Difference Between a Ball bearing and Roller bearing?

8th August 2018

This is a commonly asked question by a lot of our customers, so we thought we'd explain the differences and the benefits of each to you in a short blog post! The purpose of a bearing is to reduce friction between the wheel and the axle, the reason that roller bearing and ball bearings...

How to Choose the Right Product – A Step by Step Guide

3rd July 2018

How to choose the right product – A step by Step guide We all know that the most important thing when ordering your wheels and castors, is to make sure it's fit for purpose, but what do you need to be mindful of? We are going to take y...

FREE Summer Giveaway

15th June 2018

Get your FREE gift!! The last 2 years has seen Revolution Castors successfully grow. We are well on our way to becoming one of the top four castor companies within the UK. Although we are extremely confident in the quality of our product...

Introducing our new Heat Stable Castors!

15th June 2018

We’ve decided to add heat stable (also known as high temperature or “high temps”) because we have had many requests for them over the last few months, and so we thought putting them on the website would make them much more accessible to yo...

So, why are Stainless Steel brackets so fantastic?

15th May 2018

Stainless steel brackets were something we were asked about a lot from our customers, and after much deliberation with the team, we decided to add it to our range. People use stainless steel castors because they are less corrosive and can handle ...

Choosing the Right Castors

3rd May 2018

We advise that the first thing you need to do is choose your wheel, this will determine what other options you have when it comes to brackets. Our range of Industrial Castors & Wheels here at Revolution Castors This part of the pro...