5 Points to Consider Before Choosing your Castors

03 Apr 2018

Floor Surfaces

Choosing the right floor surfaces are important in life, if the floor is uneven the weight won’t be distributed evenly across all 4 castors, this can therefore mean that if you don’t take this into consideration you could be overloading your apparatus.  It’s best to really divide the overall weight by three and applying this to the weight you need your castors to manage, this way it ensures you will never overload your castors.






Not all of our castors will perform well outside of normal temperatures, so if you’re going to be working somewhere especially hot or cold it’s best to seek advice.





Swivel Radius

Swivel Radius – this is the distance from the centre of the castor head fitting to the outside of the wheel, knowing this measurement makes sure that there is enough room in your apparatus for the wheel to completely rotate. It’s really important to consider this when you’re designing apparatus and deciding where to put the castor on that apparatus.









The right Castor for the Job

Not unlike finding the right person for the job, finding the right castor is essential. The majority of our castors are designed for manual handing applications, however, there are some that are for mechanical handling equipment, make sure you use the right castor for the job and don’t go faster than the speed advised on the data sheets.







Find your Bearings

Bearings make wheels easier to move, however, if not used in the right settings bearings can cease up (if coming into contact with salt water for example) so if you’re not sure it’s best to ask the question.